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Leaf Pattern Design

Facilitated by Mary Jane Sarvis

Textile (Block Print on Fabric)


“With color one obtains an energy that seems to stem from witchcraft”  - Henri Mattise

Class Size:  limited to 14

Fee:  $300

To Register:

  1. Email to express interest

  2. Send a check payable to MacCenter (44 Gypsy Lane, Bennington, Vermont  05201)

Note: after November 7, 2024, deposit is non-refundable

If needed, there will be snow day make up classes.

Description of Course:

Day 1 of the course will include learning the basic process of block printing using a selection of handmade blocks from my personal studio collection. Students will bring their own textiles, paper, or objects to print on. Day 1 will also include a discussion about the different types and methods of block printing, and how to decide which method to use for personal projects.

Day 2 of the course will include students creating their own rubber blocks to print with. They will be walked through the process of designing, sketching, transferring, cutting, and printing their own images.


Material List

Oopsu 4 Pack Rubber Block Stamp Carving Blocks with Cutter Tools

Rubber Brayer Roller for Printmaking and More Crafts

These are the best inks.  We can do just black and gold…or silver too.  Up to you!

Limiting the number of colors is also due to rollers and palettes. I’d say 5 is tops without switching palettes.

This is the manufacturer’s site- good for knowledge but we buy from Dharma.

We will need a pad of tracing paper/ vellum and soft pencils for all.



bring cards and t-shirts. Also white tote bags.  (Dharma is the main source)


Mary Jane will supply anything else needed from her studio.


Artist Bio

Mary Jane Sarvis is a fine artist based out of Shaftsbury, Vermont. Known for her textile

art and printmaking, exploring mixed mediums and wearable fine arts. Mary Jane’s work has

been worn by the likes of Oprah, Carly Simon, and Courtney Love and featured in such

publications as People Magazine and Bill Cunningham’s column.


Graduated from Bennington College in 1979 with a BA in painting and printmaking.

MaryJane’s work has been praised as information veiled with color, texture, and symbolism from across space and time


Places to Stay in Bennington:

Knotty Pine, Hampton Inn, Best Western and Paradise Inn

Block Printing Course
December 7 & 8, 2024 from 9:00am to 4:00pm

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